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Thursday, 1 August 2013

BUS599 Wk 9 DQS

Week 9 Discussion 1
"Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award" Please respond to the following:
            Discuss the standout features of the companies’ approaches to managing operations.
            Discuss the attributes you find impressive about the companies’ policies and procedures, and use of best practices.
            Discuss how the companies emphasize continuous improvement and the use of rewards and incentives.

Week 9 Discussion 2

"Wal-Mart Stores Inc." Please respond to the following:Assess how the constant bashing of Wal-Mart by the media impacted Wal-Mart’s ability to operate effectively in the communities where its stores operated and how management’s choice to ignore the problem exacerbated it.
            Evaluate Wal-Mart’s shift in strategy from “just saving money” to “saving money to live better” and the impact to Wal-Mart suppliers, customers, and employees. Suggest whether or not this shift aligns with the company’s values and how any gaps should be addressed.
            Recommend a strategy for Wal-Mart to leverage its cost-efficient operations business model worldwide, leading to financial stability and a desirable return on investment to shareholders.



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