Thursday, 1 August 2013

BUS599 Wk 10 DQS

BUS599 week 10 DQ 1
Southwest Airlines" Please respond to the following:
•           Assess how Southwest Airlines’ culture is different from other airline competitors and the resulting impact on business performance.
•           Southwest Airlines’ management believes that employees come first and customers come second. Assess the merits of this belief, indicating your agreement or disagreement with the approach. Provide support for your position.
"Southwest Airlines" Please respond to the following:
•           Evaluate the effectiveness of Southwest Airlines’ execution of its low-cost / low-price / no-frills strategy to the business traveler. Considering your own preferences, consider how this strategy fits your needs and how any gaps should be addressed by Southwest’s management team.
•           In the airline industry, airplane maintenance and safety records are essential to a successful business performance. Evaluate Southwest’s performance in this area, suggesting ways to improve its image with the public related to airplane maintenance.
•           Predict the sustainability of Southwest Airlines’ strategy into the future. Provide support for your prediction


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